Matt Ribley

Owner/Head Coach
Matt Ribley


Matt Ribley, originally from Texas and raised in Ohio, proudly graduated from the University of Akron. His journey began at the tender age of 8 when he embarked on a competitive water skiing career, a passion that has spanned many years. Alongside his aquatic pursuits, Matt diversified his fitness endeavors, engaging in wrestling, skateboarding, and even competing in MMA to maintain peak physical condition for his water sports pursuits.

In 2017, Matt and his family made the move to Woodstock, Georgia, where they established “Hustle House Health and Wellness.” Their mission was twofold: to help people with their health and fitness journeys and to create a supportive and thriving community. Alongside his family, Matt has been the owner and head trainer at “Hustle House Health and Wellness,” where his dedication to fostering happiness and equilibrium in individuals’ lives shines through.

With certifications in personal training and CrossFit L1, as well as earning recognition as a certified Ohio wrestling coach, Matt’s extensive experience in the field underscores a fundamental truth: that happiness is a vital ingredient in achieving holistic well-being. In his view, prioritizing a scoreboard over our personal well-being jeopardizes our individual happiness. His unwavering passion lies in guiding individuals towards a joyful, harmonious existence.

Matt Ribley is not just a trainer but a transformational guide on the path to peak performance and well-being. With a specialized focus on athletes, Matt possesses a unique ability to fine-tune their training regimens, ensuring they reach their full potential and excel in their chosen sports. His dedication extends beyond the realm of sports, as he also plays a crucial role in helping individuals with health concerns. Matt leverages his expertise to create tailored fitness and wellness plans, guiding them toward a healthier and more fulfilling life. Furthermore, his knack for injury rehabilitation is unparalleled; he employs a holistic approach to address physical setbacks, providing the support needed for a full and effective recovery. Matt Ribley’s multifaceted approach to training, health, and rehabilitation is a testament to his unwavering commitment to the well-being of all those he serves.

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