What Sets Us Apart

Hustle House Health & Wellness is a one-of-a-kind Personal Training and Small Group functional fitness studio. Our main focus at Hustle House Health & Wellness is to make sure you feel your best both physically and mentally. We are here to make life easier through movement and healthy eating while working out in a fun and safe environment. We want to help you live your life 100% to the fullest!

Your Happiness is our goal!
We utilize our Free Flow Fitness Method with individually designed fitness goals for clients of all ages (mobility, strength, weight, health) while finding what brings you joy in life (cooking, music, sports, art).

We bring a new twist to the traditional 1-hour session, fitting in:

  • Stretching/Flexibility Training - through breathing/stretching
  • Strength Training – utilizing barbell, dumbbell & kettlebell
  • Cardiovascular Training - incorporating bike, ski, row & jump rope
  • Body Weight Training - gymnastics, push-ups, pull-ups & sit-ups
  • Balance/Spatial Awareness Training, my personal favorite - using Revolution Balance Boards.

We pride ourselves on offering all of this in a 1-hour session while you receive methods of modification for all levels of fitness under the guidance of Owner/Head Trainer Matt Ribley.

Your happiness is our main goal here at Hustle House Health & Wellness. We strive to keep our work outs modifiable to every level from beginner, all the way to pro-athlete and everything in between.

We’ve created four different 12-week routines that are offered throughout the year:

  • Gymnastics Routine
  • Progressive Overload Routine
  • Barbell Routine
  • Cardio Routine

At the beginning of each routine, your starting point is established so at the end of each 12-weeks you can track your progress. The elements of the program are continually changed so getting bored is not an issue and you achieve maximum results by keeping
each work out constantly varied.

We strive to maintain a warm and welcoming vibe for all clients where motivation, positive coaching and correction help you become the healthiest and happiest version of yourself, while providing a safe and professional environment.

Fitness for Life | Happy is Our Goal